Some Serious Training on the Bikes

Well just to give some of you an idea of the amazing training rides we get to do on the South Coast – Margate area.  Today Cands Neethling, Darren Purtell and myself (the South Coast weekly trainers) were accompanied by Lise Olivier of MTN (Pretoria) for a good solid day on the bike.

We left my house in Saint Michales around 7:30 and head off on a ride we do occasionally but never seem to remember its a pretty tough one – and this was after a tough 120km on sat and a late night on Sunday after praching, so I wasn’t feeling super strong.  Actually as we left had it been up to Cands and I, reckon a diversion would have been made to the beach as the sea looked great.  None the less we were off on the ride and headed towards Port Shepstone, then the climbing starts as you go up the N2 on route to Oribi Gorge.  This section of road isn’t straight up but has some serious climbs to warm up the legs – overall climbing 300m in 19km, but this is just to get the blood flowing – well for the others that is.  see here I’m the only multi-sporter amongst 3 cyclists that happen to favor the climbs well at least Lise and Darren, as Cands and I ‘hang on’.

We then get a short rest as we cruise into the pit that is Oribi Gorge Lime Works (the industrial gorge road) a great swooping downhill ride.  We then hit the mother a 555m solid climb, which on a road bike setup for flats is just not fun, my 23 cog gear just isn’t good enough.  Especially when the only true roadie with us is riding a compact setup and spinning along cheerfully while I literally stand the whole way.  We then get some slight relief as we breeze along the flatter parts and drop down into the next gorge (the nature reserve gorge) which takes us up another galloping 250m climb with gradients of around 16% like the whole way.  It’s then through the Paddock Sugar Farms and towards the township of Izingqolweni.  The N2 is at its best here with smooth roads and rolling hills, obviously predominantly up as we head in the direction of Kokstad.  Turning off at Izing you feel as though you’ve jumped onto the cobbles of Europe as its amazing someone could actually mould tar into such a disastrous road, however this is really character building as for the power flat guy in the group all I’ve been waiting for has finally hit as we hit 38km with a total of 400m decent i feel like I’ve been put into my element.  Problem is when the South East wind is howling into you and you just become a nice little wind break for the rest its easy to lose the proud smile you start with.

However the closer we get to Beaver Creek in Port Edward I can almost start to smell that coffee roasting and my usual health breakfast awaits which just helps my legs get some extra strength as I pull the others down to my glorious pit stop.  We reach this point all tired and super hungry after a tough 98km. We are welcomed with my favorite the ‘flat white’ kinda like a cappuccino but it just seems to be so much nicer:)

After the awesome lunch which ended up being scrambled egg and mince on a rye ciabatta bread – weird combo I know but it just kinda rolled off the tongue as I thought it up:)

We head back along the flatter coastal road for the last 53km with the wind behind and an extra skip in my step, I pulled the others along nicely as I love that home stretch, although a third of the ride in distance it is much more my style and I loved the tail wind.  We ended with yet another Beaver Creek coffee at the best bike shop in the world, Duracycles – roughly 4km from home and then it was time to relax a little before driving back up to Oribi to drop off Cands and enjoy an awesome supper with great friends.

Can’t wait for next time:)

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Ruth Sermon Series – Chapter 1

This post is to supply a couple notes on the sermon I did on Sunday, the aim is to help people attending the service to follow from week to week and also give any others the opportunity to engage in the study. Much of my research was taken from two pastors I really respect; Mark Driscol (Mars Hill) and Ross Lester (Bryanston Bible Church).


Chapter 1 I focused on three major characters and their response to God, to get more out of the book come and join us at Norwegian Settlers Church, Izotsha, Port Shepstone. There are copies at the church if you want to listen to the sermon or just go read it in your Bible and follow along with these notes to get something out of it.



His name means ‘My God is King’ however he doesn’t act like it.

He makes a big decision to move from Bethlehem to Moab. This is to leave the people of God and go to a place where Godly people should by no means go. The Moabites followed many gods, they were pantheists and one of their gods was Kemosh – a cruel and capricious god. We look at Elimelechs decision not to model it but rather to take note that this was a mistake and see what we can learn from it:

  • He didn’t count the spiritual costs – he left a Godly community to go to a land where there were no others like them. His sons and wife would have no Godly community to fellowship with; they would have to look amongst the Moabites for wives – as they had no other choice.
    • We sometimes can also flee from famines in our lives towards things we shouldn’t:    
      • Famines of relationships – instead of enjoying the single period of our lives we often think of being single as a bad thing and try to flee from it:
        • This often leads to us rushing into relationships with the wrong people, maybe non-Christians, people we know it won’t work out with and in the times when we shouldn’t be in a relationship.
        • Maybe we should think that we are single for a reason, that reason could be to learn more about ourselves, spend more time with God and maybe to give more of ourselves to God then to some meaningless relationship.


      • Financial famines – We should NOT chase the dosh and forget about the value of our spiritual situation:
        • The South Coast is not the most thriving metropolis, however if we are in a good place spiritually and connected in Church and home group and are making a difference, we should think of this before rushing off chasing jobs and money in another area of financial significance.

Charles Spurgeon stated: If we are in a spiritually good place and have a 50/50 decision to move then we should stay where we are good with Jesus.


  • We default quickly to fixing rather than learning
    • Like the famine Elimelech flees from, sometimes God allows tough times in our lives to mould us in the way He wants to.
    • When things turn hard we often resort to dropping the buck and moving off. As Christians we are not meant to escape suffering. C.S Lewis said: God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience but He shouts in our pains – it’s His megaphone to a deaf world!
    • Scripture says: “In this world you will have troubles, but take heart because I have overcome the world”
    • We shouldn’t try hard on our own to get around tough times, but rather ask God to be with us and take us through it.


  • We take no closed doors as a sign for open ones
    • Elimelech may have said to Naomi if God wants to close the door on us moving He can and we often do the same in our lives and in our relationships.
    • Going out with a girl and in the car making out and if God wants he can close the door and something happens and we disregard it and say ok He didn’t act so lets go further.
      • This is wrong we must look at the situation as God would, would He bless it, not will He close the proverbial door on it.



Ruth is a Moabite woman who marries one of Elimelechs sons, Malon who dies. She is then left with her mother and sister in Law and decide to head back to Bethlehem.


  • Moab was a people formed from sexual sin and therefore was not a very godly people.
  • Worshipped a god named Kemosh, cruel capricious god who demanded sexual sacrifices.
  • Born into a cult and had no connection to the real God Yahweh.

Although her sister in law Orpah decided to take the option to go back to Moab when offered the choice by Naomi Ruth decides to stay. She has a true conversion on the road back to Bethlehem and she meets Jesus, not literally because Jesus hadn’t been born yet but in our context today she has a conversion meaning Jesus. And she says to Naomi let your God be my God and she names Him as Yahweh the one and true God. Go and read it in Ruth Chapter 1:16 it is a beautiful passage.



Her name means sweet or pleasant. She is married to Elimelech and therefore follows with him to Moab but when he and her sons die; she hears that the famine has been lifted from Bethlehem so she decides to head back. She pretty much leads Ruth to claiming God as her God and how does she do this:

  • She speaks of God as the God of Hessed, which is the Hebrew word meaning loving kindness. And that He is not a cruel and demanding god that will want to put you under rules and regulation but rather that he is a loving kind god, slow to anger and abounding in mercy and compassion. We as Christians need to show people the Hessed that God stand for not to be judging self righteous kill joys to the world but rather to show love, compassion, mercy and kindness and that’s how we will win people over for Christ.
  • Naomi also makes the exclusive claim that God is Jehovah, Yahweh the one true God and that there is only one to him and that’s through Jesus.
  • She also shows exclusive love to Ruth that although Ruth is legally bound to Naomi and Naomi would be lonely and destitute without the help of these two girls; she stills frees them from their legal obligation and tells them they don’t need to follow her.

The second thing about Naomi is that she is real. She arrives back in Bethlehem and tells her old friends to call her Mara (means bitter) because she is desperately sad and in mourning over her loss and the situation she finds herself in.

  • As Christians it is ok to weep with those who weep and mourn with those who mourn. We are not meant to always have this façade that everything is alright and life is good, yet we must be real and honest with ourselves and others.
  • The Christian life is not an easy one.
    • Disciples were stoned, beheaded, crucified upside down and burnt in oil – to name a few.
    • Paul was stoned twice and shipwrecked three times.
    • Jesus the one we follow was tortured and killed by the ones He came to redeem and save.
  • Yet although we go through these tough and arduous times, God is both Good and Sovereign and because of this He allows us a little decision making of our own which people usually mess up and the Devil uses to cause harm, pain and suffering. But if we stand true in faith God will work out all situations for the greater good nd that is a reason to push through the tough treacherous times and push on to enjoy the everlasting life He has install for us.
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Corwalles Aquelle Mudman

I know it’s a very late update but things have been a little hectic on my side.

Basically last Sunday the 27th of March was the Cordwalles Mudman at Midmar Dam. This is my favorite of the mudman series especially holding the title from the last year.

We were putting up a FutureLife stand at the race which received great interest from the crowds of well over two 2000 people that attended the event. Mudman as always is aimed at families and is an amazing fun way for friends and families to spend good quality time together; which is why FutureLife fits in so well as it is a product built for health and wellness.


Anyway the racing was going to be hot as Tyron White and Daniel Carlton who had won the first two races were both their to try for number two and myself who had so far been unlucky to have two 2nds under the belt but was still looking for a win and what better place to do it then where I did last year. There were also some roadies coming out to try their hand in the more interesting side of life. They were the boys from the K-Swiss tri team and their top athlete was in the form of Hendrick Schoeman a really talented young guy who swims as if he teaches the fish. The race started with a 750m swim and onto a fun open mountain bike of 20km (one that was technical enough to scare off the roadies) and then onto a 5km trail run.

As expected the roadies were off like bullets in the swim and had soon pulled a huge gap on the field. Hendrick was out of the water early and had a lead on his Captain Glen Gore, they were followed by lone ranger Ryan Redman, racing in a team for this one – suffering from a knee problem. Then the rest of us followed some time back. Myself and Tyronne White were out the water and onto the bike together and that’s how it was going to be for the entire ride. Ty a stronger rider then me and with my running a bit sharper I knew I just needed to stick with him on the ride and try run away from him, no easy task. We hit the ride at a hard pace working well together to keep the tempo up and push hard. We caught Glen pretty quickly and passed easily and were in second place behind Hendrick who was killing himself to stay away. We eventually caught him just after the first lap and upped the tempo as we passed. We got rid of him pretty easily and could see that we had an advantage even over this very easy off road terrain. Hendrick apparently had a big crash not long after we passed him and I hope he is onto a quick recovery but haven’t heard anything.

We had done everything we needed too and I was super stoked because my race was panning together better than I could have planned. With 1km to go I had Tyronne on my wheel and we were home for the bike leg. Then regrettably I took the wrong fork on the path as the sign for ride and run were tough to distinguish between. Luckily for him Ty took the right path and managed to get a big gap on me, the marshals had to call me back and by the time I had turned and was onto the right path Ty had around 1min. I pushed hard for the last final meters but went out the transition around 1min back. Knowing I could make up some time on the run I started out hard, with only 5km to go 1min is not very long. My legs were tired as I’d pushed hard on the bike and although I was catching him as I did time checks along the way I just didn’t have enough. I got the time down to around 35sec but it wasn’t enough. Ty managed to hold me off and take the win and steel my titleJ


I’ll now have to look forward to the next one in a couple weeks and see if I can get that notorious win that’s been avoiding me in this series.


FutureBoy out!


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SA MTB Marathon Championships

Inanda Dam was the location for the SA Marathon Champs last Sunday. I had a really hectic weekend as I was preaching for the second time the evening of the race. I spent the whole of Sat prepping for the service and ended up getting into bed around 11:30 with my mind racing about Boaz, the good Godly man that was to be the focus of the service. So I was up at 3:50 on Sunday morning after a couple hours sleep and myself and Jono headed off to Inanda. The sun rose over the dam as we drove into the valley of 1000 hills, to give the setting for the day. We all held thumbs that it would be a cool day as there was some cloud cover, but I know this valley and at this time of there was no doubt it would be a scorcher of a day. Temperatures were soaring in the high 30s.

The field was stacked with all SA had to offer, all the big names were there and it was good to see. I decided to start off with the lead pack and this was no sweat for the first couple kilometers as the pace started pretty easy. After around 6km we hit a big hill and my legs just couldn’t keep me with the lead bunch and I dropped off the pace a bit. I decided to sit up and get the legs going again and catch up a bit later. In the single track and on the flats I made up some positions but the problem is when you’re stronger on the flats guys’ just suck you’re wheel. The course only started to get fun after 45km when we finally hit the single track, which rolled on around the dam for around 20km. At this point myself Justice Makele and Travis Walker were see sawing between each other. Eventually we arrived at the last water point around the 67km mark where I caught my friend and training partner Darren Purtell, after that we were onto a section of district road where I put the pace on and Justice and Darren sucked wheel, and when we hit the hills they dropped me. The last 10km were super tough and I think everyone had more than enough single track, the climbs towards the end were a little over the top.

All in all it was a good fun race and really got the legs working. I was happy to finish 22nd, especially being a multi-sporter and was really out there to have fun and enjoy the training.

Next weekend 27th March is the third of the mudman series hosted by Crodwalles at Midmar dam, and I’ll be there defending my title so hope to see you all there.




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Ingeli Daga Dash Cross Tri

On Sunday the 13th March was the second running of the Ingeli Daga Dash Off Road Tri.  The event started as a branch off from the Swim event which is held on the same day over 500m and 1000m.  Myself and Jono Downham of Duracycles decided we would cruise up to Harding Dam and give the event a go.

As the start of all great days, it was with a big bowl of FutureLife and then we headed off on the trip up the mountain to Harding – roughly an hour drive from Shepstone.  We got our timing a little messed up and were rushing to get there around 8am – just enough time to get ready for the 9am start.  However on arrival we found out the start was at 10:00 – luckily I had a FutureLife shaker handy and enjoyed my extended breakfast.

Unfortunately the race was a little under marketed – unfortunately because it was a race not to be missed.  The format was 1000m swim, 20km mtb and 4km run.  The course was designed by a local mtb rider Stu and he put in a great effort.  The swim was as all are – flat, so not much to comment on there, except for the fact that it was in a beauty of a dam with perfect temperature.  I for a change (as lately my swimming has been a little lacking) had a great swim, one of those days where I felt one with the water.  I ended up racing a top young swimmer who just pipped me at the end to tag his team rider in front of me.  I was onto my Volcan 29er machine – which is straight awesome and even more comfy after adding a Fizik Antares Test saddle. 

The bike course consisted of 4 laps of 5km.  Where some people don’t enjoy laps – I love them.  It gives a chance to keep passing the spectators, keeping my cheered spirit topped up and also I like to get updates of who is where from the crowd.  The course was fast and furious and I just felt good and flew round the course, not too sure who was chasing.  As I came through the transition and onto my second lap I got told I had a big lead and not to stress.  With that info I stamped even harder on the pedals, just feeling like I wanted to smash the course.  I lapped the guy in 3rd spot on my 4th and final lap and was in and out transition – run time.  Again I decided for good race training I’d just give it my all and see if I can ‘blow’.  I caught Jono Downham on his first lap just after starting my second.  As purely a mtb rider he had come out the swim off the pace and killed the ride.  A good race for him, now in second position.  We ran that lap together as I encouraged him to catch and drop the leading team. 

In the end it was a relatively comfortable win for me but I loved the event and the competitive nature that it inspired.  The day then carried on with the swim events and then some festivities.  Those Harding farmers really know how to piece together a day of solid fun and the crowds arriving for the swim were an integral part as their cheering uplifted all of us on the Tri event.

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Norwegian Settlers Church Launches Evening Service

Last Sunday 6th March NSC launched its Evening Service. The aim of this service is to reach the younger generation and provide a more hip and happening service for those enthusiastic dudes and girls. However it does not exclude those outside of the 13 to 30 age group, it’s just a catchy name and shows where the focus is. It is being run by myself and a bunch of young guys and girls, including Jono Downham, Ryan Kyle and Jason Price – just to mention a few involved. None of us are in vocational ministry; we just saw the need for something and are trying to do our little part to try filling some of the gap. The service is kind of being run on a similar model to the church I fellowshipped with in JoBerg (Bryanston Bible Church), which was and still is really impacting the lives of those who attend.

The services are going to run every two weeks for now, so therefore the next one will be on the 20th March and for are doing a series on the book of Ruth. I am preaching the first series and then we will see how it goes from there on. I’m trying to make the message relevant to our age group while also covering the fundamentals of Christian living. The main reason for this is that I have heard this series preached before and God really spoke to me through it and hopefully I can deliver a message that can be as impacting to others. In the meantime I’m learning so much through the preparation so basically come along and we can learn more about our God and all He does for us, together.

For more information or how to get involved feel free to contact me via email or give the church a ring and they can give you the relevant contact details.

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Aquelle Epworth Mudman

Sunday 6th March was a great day as the sun rose over Albert Falls Dam one could not imagine a better setting for a family fun filled day of racing.  The Aquelle Mudman Series has been sprouting the roots for young multi-sporters in KZN as well as offering awesome racing conditions for seasoned professionals for around a decade.  Last Sunday was no exception, the racing snakes were all out in force and I knew it would be a competitive drive right to the line.  Last years winner Ryan Redman was conditioning well in 2011 and Russell Whites Athletes’, his son Tyrone and Daniel Charlton have also been really strong.  I had already lost the first race in the series to Daniel and was going to try my best to snatch the title, although hadn’t been feeling my best after my trip to the Cape for Xterra.

The race started with the swim and I found myself on the back foot from the get go – for some reason I just couldn’t get things going during the 750m dash and watched as my competitors seemed to pull away with every stroke.  I exited the water way off the pace and was frustrated, but managed to jump on my Volcan 29er machine and started to feel my legs on the ride.  The course was super fast and relatively flat with no technical sections at all.  It was obvious that they had tailored this track for the youngsters and families – which is actually what racing is all about.  It’s awesome to see families out in the sun having good quality fun.  I felt energized throughout the race thanks to a good FutureLife shake 30mins before the start –after all what would Future Boy be without his shake of goodness!

I steadily made myself into 3rd spot on the bike, but it was just too short and fast to catch up and real time on either Ryan or Tyrone as I didn’t even see them ahead coming into the transition.  I knew I’d have to let it all hang out on the run to pull them in.


I caught Ryan about 500m into the run and he told me Ty had around 2mins on him – wow!  I dug deep but Ty was just too good I kept getting time checks from the spectators and camera crew and got it down to around 20 seconds but I just couldn’t do enough and Ty put together some great form to take the win.  I came in second and Daniel came in 3rd passing Ryan Redman who ended 4th.

It was really encouraging to see our past heroes like Martin Dreyer, Ian Don Wachope and JP van de Linde all rounding off the top 10; JP was in 5th behind Ryan after putting together a good run.

All in all it was a great race and I was sad to have to rush off home and missed the best part of the day – the mud skippers event.  Where all the little kids race it out for top dog honors.

Well Done to Epworth and Aquelle for a great race and I look forward to my favorite of the series, the Cordwalles race on the 27th March.  See you there.

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